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Air Conditioning Installation Hobart

Air Conditioning Installation Hobart

If you live in Hobart, Indiana, you’re no stranger to extreme weather. In the summertime, temperatures can get hot, muggy, and downright uncomfortable. To keep cool during the hottest month of the year, you need a properly functioning air conditioner. At Comfort One, LLC, we specialize in air conditioning installation in Hobart. To learn more about our air conditioning installation services and how to get started, reach out to us today. 

Is it Time for a New Air Conditioner?

Have you been thinking about a new air conditioner but aren’t really sure if yours is really on its last leg? Here are some signs that it’s time for a new A/C unit: 

  • Do you need a new A/C unit? If so, don’t hesitate to reach out to Comfort One, LLC, for the air conditioning installation questions you have. We are experts in A/C installation and repair. Call today to get started. Wrong air temperature. If your unit is blowing warm air when it’s supposed to be blowing cool, or if your unit isn’t reaching the set temperature, this is a sign that you need repairs at the very least, if not a whole new unit. 
  • Inconsistent temperatures. Another issue is inconsistent temperatures. Sometimes the air is cool; sometimes, it’s too warm. Or, different rooms in the house are being unevenly cooled. 
  • A rising energy bill. Has your energy bill gone up and you’re not sure what could explain the change? If so, it could be that your system is operating very inefficiently, driving up your costs. 
  • Leaks and other damage. Have you noticed leaks around your A/C unit, or any other physical damage? Don’t hesitate to take action if you can visibly see that something is amiss. 
  • Old age. Modern air conditioners can last between 15-20 years. If your system is getting older than this, it’s probably highly inefficient and isn’t serving you as well as it could be. It might be time for an upgrade. 
  • Recommendation from a professional. Has a professional told you that you need a new A/C? If so, this is the most important sign that it’s time to upgrade your unit. 

Why Choose Comfort One, LLC for Air Conditioner Installation in Hobart, IN?

When you reach out to Comfort One, LLC, we’ll handle 100 percent of the air conditioner installation process from start to finish. Top reasons to choose our team include

  • Highly skilled technicians. We hand-select and personally train our technicians, and are confident in their skillset. 
  • The best appliances and parts on the market. We use the best appliances and parts on the market to ensure a high-quality installation. 
  • Transparency and honesty. We know that you may be worried about getting the best deal or whether or not a technician is being honest. We pride ourselves on our commitment to our customers and are always straightforward. 
  • 100 percent financing available. Affording a new air conditioner is a big expense. To help, we offer 100 percent financing available.
  • 30+ years of experience. Founded in 1991, our team has over 30 years of experience installing and repairing air conditioners in Hobart and the surrounding areas of Indiana. We are a trusted name in the industry. 

Reach Out to Our Team Today

To learn more about our services for air conditioning installation Hobart, call us directly or send us a message by phone or online. We are happy to provide you with a quote today.


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