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Air Conditioning Near Me

Air Conditioning Near Me

At Comfort One, HVAC is our specialty! The hot days of summer — especially in Northwest Indiana — are known to tax your AC unit, and consistent use throughout summer can eventually damage your unit. At Comfort One, we have the HVAC specialists to help you fix or replace your air conditioner, regardless of what situation you are facing. Our licensed AC specialists know all aspects of air conditioners and can recommend the best way to get your cold air rolling again — whether it is repair or replacement. You can usually recognize when your AC is not working if your home is warmer than expected, or your unit seems to be running constantly. Strange noises or a dormant unit are also signs that you may need repair. Looking for “air conditioning service near me”? Contact Comfort One, LLC to learn more about our services, and keep cool during the spring and summer!

Who are We?

When it comes to AC, you want Comfort One in your corner. We’re the premier providers of heating and air conditioning services for the region, and we’ve been in business since 1991. We’re happy to offer both central air conditioning installation and repair, both of which can keep your house cool and comfy during the dog days of summer.

When Vidal Garza started Comfort One in 1991, he had no experience in small business. However, his background as a firefighter helped him make split-second decisions with his new company as well, allowing us to adapt to changes. Now, nearly three decades later, we’re proud to say Vidal’s original vision is still a fundamental part of our company. We strive to offer professional service with all the benefits of a friendly small business. We put a strong emphasis on quality, honesty, and integrity, all of which keep our customers coming back whenever they need a repair or a new installation. Because we want everyone to be on the same page before we complete any work, we offer free price estimates for repairs and installation. Our estimates are generally very accurate, and we keep our customers aware of any complications that may arise during the process.

Our Services

At Comfort One, our air conditioning services are built around one goal: keeping your space comfortable during the summer, all at a fair price and without wasting your time. With that in mind, we service all residential central cooling units and can provide you with anything from minor system repairs to entirely new units. Our AC technicians are licensed and know their way around most AC units that are on the market. They can inspect your unit, fix your issue and even install a brand new unit if required. Whether your unit is failing to cool your home, is making loud noises, or won’t turn on, search us at “air conditioning near me.” You can trust our veteran team to assess your problem, and recommend the most efficient, affordable and straightforward path to keep your home comfortable.

Contact Us

To speak with our experienced air conditioning professionals, give us a call at our Hammond office, or search for us online. If you’re tired of searching for “professional air conditioning near me,” look no further! Leave us a message on our website, and we’ll reach out shortly to see how we can help.


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