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Furnace Contractor Hammond

Furnace Contractor Hammond

While cooler temperatures are favored by some, no one enjoys when the air inside rivals that of the brisk autumn mornings or chilly winter nights. Luckily, Comfort One has a furnace contractor in Hammond ready to get your heat up and working again. Never fret about being too cold to be comfortable; we’ve got your back!

When to Call a Furnace Contractor in Hammond

While an obvious sign to call a furnace contractor in Hammond is when you notice a chill in your home, even with the heat on, there are some other signs that you should look for when you’re wondering if it’s time for a repair or replacement. These signs include:

  • Strange sounds such as bangs, grinding or pops that are coming from your furnace and/or vents.
  • Unusual smells such as must, mold or mildew, especially in the drier winter months.
  • Your furnace’s pilot light is yellow instead of the expected blue color.
  • Inconsistency with heating from room to room, or even areas within the same room.
  • Your heating bill keeps going up, even though the temperature inside won’t.

The team at Comfort One has experience looking for and solving the above issues and can take of the problem in no time! Never attempt to work on your furnace on your own, as it takes a professional furnace contractor in Hammond to address issues properly and safely.

Prices You Can’t Beat!

At Comfort One, we believe having access to a quality furnace contractor in Hammond is essential, which is why we keep our prices as low as we can without sacrificing our quality. To help prevent surprises come invoice time, we offer free, detailed service estimates before we even touch your HVAC unit. This way, you know exactly what needs to be done and how much it will cost you.

For those who experience an unexpected furnace issue or who simply do not want to spend the money all at once to repair or replace their furnace, Comfort One offers great financing options for all of our services. If you’re interested, please let your furnace contractor in Hammond know, and we will work to get you the details you need.

Get In Touch with Our Furnace Contractor in Hammond Today!

Don’t wait for temperatures to drop below freezing to get your furnace looked at! As an experienced and licensed furnace contractor in Hammond, Comfort One is here for all of your furnace needs. For more than three decades, our HVAC team has been restoring heat and comfort to families across Lake County, Indiana. Call or send a message today to request your free quote.


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