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Hammond Air Conditioning Repair

Hammond Air Conditioning Repair

Comfort One is your destination for affordable, friendly HVAC service! Air conditioning is our specialty, and we’ve served the region for many years. If your unit is making odd noises, seems to be constantly running, or is blowing out warm air, you could probably benefit from our Hammond air conditioning repair services. After all, we’re the region’s premier air conditioning experts, and we’ve seen many customers walk away happy with our services — and get back in touch when they need help the next time! Call us today to get your home nice and cool during the summer.

Our Service

At Comfort One, we offer full air central air conditioning service and repair. Whether you need your unit fixed or completely replaced, we can help! When you get in touch with Comfort One’s Hammond air conditioning repair services, you can expect three things from us: quality, honesty, and integrity. This is our mantra, and we never get tired of repeating it. Here’s why:

  • Quality: when you work with Comfort One, you’ll be amazed by the quality of service you receive. Our owner, Vidal Garza, has a unique background that makes him great at quickly assessing problems and the fastest, most effective solution. That, combined with our experience in the field (we’ve been here since 1991) lets us offer fast, clean and effective repair services for your system.
  • Honesty: we like our customers, and we like that our customers like us. We’ve built relationships with some of our customers stretching back to our humble beginnings in 1991, and we’ve maintained these relationships through our honesty (and integrity). When we look at your system, we will speak clearly and frankly with you about the best course of action, whether it is a non-issue, requires repair, or needs a total system replacement. When we do a job, we give you an accurate estimate and stick to it!
  • Integrity: when it comes to repairs — especially with systems you might not be familiar with — it is very easy for experts to overcharge or scam their customers. However, we know that this only causes resentment and bad feelings down the line, and we want to build a long-term, mutually-beneficial relationship with everyone around Northwest Indiana. Using that as our goal, we refuse to overcharge or confuse our customers, and we offer our premium services at a reasonable price.

The Comfort One Story

Before entering the HVAC field, owner Vidal Garza served as a firefighter. This job helped him hone his split-second decision-making skills, a trait which has come in handy when making quick decisions for individual tasks, and the overall direction of the company. He created Comfort One in 1991 as Garza Heating and Air Conditioning. As the company expanded, Vidal changed its name but kept its small-town customer service. Today, Comfort One is a recognized name all over Northwest Indiana and is hailed for its affordable, friendly and efficient services.

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To get in touch with our excellent Hammond air conditioning repair experts, give us a call or visit us online today! We are excited to show you why we are the premier provider of AC repair all over NWI.


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