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Heating Installation in Hobart

Heating Installation in Hobart

One of the most vital parts of your home during the wintertime is your heating system. Whether you have a newly-built home or are looking to get your heating system replaced, it can be hard to know where to start with an installation. Thankfully, Comfort One’s heating experts near Hobart are here to help. 

How Do I Know I Need a New Furnace?

According to This Old House, most furnaces live for about 20 to 30 years, and will last longer with regular maintenance and inspections from a professional, like Comfort One near Hobart.  

However, you shouldn’t wait until your furnace is at the end of its life to consider a new one. It can be especially troublesome to have your furnace die mid-winter, leaving you without heat. So, if your furnace’s repair bills are beginning to skyrocket, it may be time to consider a new one. 

If you are wondering whether your furnace is in need of replacement or repair, consider the furnace’s age, as well as these signs: buzzing or rattling noises, excess dust or soot near the register, a cracked heater exchange, rust or corrosion, higher energy bills, uneven heating throughout the home, and excess humidity. 

Considerations for a New Furnace

There are a number of factors to consider when purchasing a new furnace. While price is a big consideration, it isn’t the only factor. Family Handyman recommends doing your own research and trusting major brands or one of their subsidiaries, to avoid problems down the line. 

Besides that, there are three major aspects of a furnace that you’ll want to ask your heating installation contractor about. 

  1. Efficiency: Efficiency for your furnace is a worthwhile investment for when local energy costs are high. Experts recommend installing a high-efficiency furnace when you live in a cold climate and if you plan to stay in your current home for 10 years or more–plenty of time for that investment to pay off. 
  2. Single or Two-Stage: A single-stage furnace runs by burning at full blast and then shutting off until activated again. It’s cheaper upfront, but less energy efficient and provides less consistent heating. By contrast, a two-stage furnace has an additional, lower burner setting that can keep heat circulating through your home more consistently. 
  3. Two-Speed or Variable-Speed: A standard two-speed blower is a cheap and simple option, with generally low repair costs, but can be rather noisy. A variable-speed blower is quieter, more complex, and will constantly change its speed to current needs. However, it is more expensive, and may be more costly to repair in the event of a failure in the system.

Finding the Right Contractor

There are a number of factors to consider when getting a heating system installed in your home, and so you may wish to contact a professional. Our heating installation experts near Hobart can help you make the best choice in the furnace for your home and budget.


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