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Highland HVAC Company

Highland HVAC Company

Maintaining a proper temperature within your home can be a struggle, especially during seasons with extreme weather. Whether you are trying to keep cool from the blistering midwestern summers or trying to keep out the cold of a subzero winter, it’s crucial that you make sure your heating and cooling systems can handle the job. At Comfort One, our staff has experience installing, maintaining, and repairing HVAC systems for clients all over, making sure their homes are comfortable even during the most extreme weather. Look to Comfort One – your reliable Highland HVAC company!

Who Are We?

Comfort One comes from humble beginnings, initially forming from the vision of our owner, Vidal Garza. Mr. Garza had worked for many years as a firefighter, a position which helped him pivot and make quick, effective decisions. After all, decisions were often forced on his shoulders throughout this career, and one wrong move could put lives in danger. He used this same quick thinking when first opening his business – originally called “Garza’s Heating and Air Conditioning”, eventually helping him build a company that is well-respected for its quality service and honest work. By then, we had rebranded as Comfort One, and have since become the premier Highland HVAC company. However, we remember our humble roots and attempt to give back to the community through our work.

Honest Work

When it comes to our work, we prize honesty over all else. After all, we are a part of the Northwest Indiana and Illinois community, and many families rely on our services to stay comfortable and safe during the various seasons. With that in mind, we make it our mission to sell reliable units and effective installation services at a reasonable price. After all, we’ve been here for a long time, and we’re not planning on going away any time soon. We know that any of our customer relationships have been built over the years (and even decades), which we can only accomplish through transparent and honest work. So when you get in touch with Comfort One, you’ll know that you’re getting the best service available. And the next time you need assistance from a Highland HVAC company, you’ll know who to call!

Our Service Areas

As a multi-service HVAC company, Comfort One is happy to assist with all of the following areas:

Regardless of your home’s HVAC needs, we’re happy to help you find the heating or cooling solution that will keep you and your loved ones safe and comfortable, no matter how cold or warm it is outside. To learn more about our units, our company or our repair services, reach out to our Highland HVAC company today!

Contact Comfort One

To speak with the HVAC experts at Comfort One, give us a call at our Northwest Indiana office today! We are always happy to answer any HVAC-related questions you may have and to discuss potential problems with your unit. If we are not available, we encourage you to leave your contact information on our website, along with your name and a brief message noting any questions, concerns or service you would like to speak with us about.


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