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When the temperature drops outside in Northwest Indiana, you don’t want the same inside your home! If you are noticing a cooler atmosphere indoors during the fall and winter months, it is time to reach out to your knowledgeable and skilled team at Comfort One. We will delve into your furnace’s issues and provide a free estimate of the work needed to get it back to blowing out warm air. Maybe your system is beyond repair or getting on in years. If that is the case, we can assist with a new furnace and provide all components of the installation process.

Being a long-standing member of the HVAC industry, we have seen the problems that can arise with a furnace and continue to sharpen our skills on each and every job throughout the region. We launched our business in 1991, originally named Garza Heating and Air Conditioning, after attending the Environmental Technical Institute in Blue Island, Illinois, becoming licensed and learning the necessary skills needed in the HVAC industry.

What We Can Do For You And Your Furnace

There are key signs that your furnace may be in need of an expert assessment. If you notice new noises, higher heating expenses, a draftier home or lack of warm air, we need to come out and take a look at your unit. We provide all the furnace repair services that you may need to get your home back to being warm and toasty.

If your furnace will not turn on, turns on but doesn’t stay on, is 10-plus years old or you have had many issues fixed over the last two years, you may be in need of a whole new heating system. We work with Payne, as it is a well-known name in the HVAC industry. We can install a new furnace and offer all aspects of this process. We also provide boiler services.

Comfort One Continues To Build On Its Strong Foundation

As a thriving business for more than 25 years, we have established roots in the communities that we serve year after year. By being bilingual, we are honored to assist additional community members with our skills as a Spanish speaker. By breaking through this language barrier, we can ensure an understanding of our services and the issues that these homeowners may have.

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As part of our stellar customer service, we will discuss exactly what your home needs, whether it’s repairs or a new furnace installed and leave you with a free estimate. Contact us via phone today at 219-384-0200 to make an appointment and we will examine your furnace, listen to your issues and recommend a course of action.


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