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Why Doesn’t Every Room in My House Feel Cool with the AC On?

One thing that you want from an air conditioner is consistency. That is, consistent temperatures throughout the home. There’s nothing worse than walking from one room to the next and having the experience of walking from a sauna into a freezer or vice versa. 

If your home is cooling evenly, there are multiple things that could be to blame. For a professional assessment, call Comfort One, LLC directly. In the meantime, here are some reasons why everyone room in your house may not feel cool even when you have the AC on—

Dirty Air Filters

Did you know that you’re supposed to change your air filters about once every three months, and even more frequently if you have pets? If you fail to change the air filters, you may be facing an air conditioning system that isn’t able to work as efficiently as it’s designed to. Fortunately, replacing your air filters is an easy fix. 

Dirty Vents

Another issue could be vents that are clogged or exceptionally dirty, preventing cool air from being able to be distributed into certain rooms of the house. For vent cleaning, you’ll need a professional. At Comfort One, LLC, this is one of the many services we offer. 

Closed Vents

While it may seem simple,  you’d be surprised how often the issue is simply one of a vent being closed rather than open. Before you call a professional, we recommend walking through each room in your home and opening the vents. However, if there are rooms in your home that you don’t use and don’t need to be cooled, close the vents—otherwise, you’re just wasting energy. 

Open Windows

Like closed vents, another simple answer to why the rooms in your home aren’t cooling evenly could be an issue of open windows. Opening the windows makes it difficult for the air conditioner to regulate temperatures within that room. Be sure to close windows in rooms where you have vents open. 

Inadequate System

Finally, one answer that may be a bigger problem is that of an inadequate system. For example, a system that is too small to evenly cool your home, or a system that is too inefficient or in need of repairs. Depending on the issue, AC repairs may work; in other cases, you might want to consider upgrading your system or looking into ductless air conditioning units. 

Call Comfort One, LLC Today to Learn More About Keeping Your Whole Home Cool

In many cases, the issue of an AC not heating a home evenly is one that can be remedied with regular AC maintenance; in other cases, you should think about repairs or replacement. At Comfort One, LLC, we are your AC service professionals of choice! Call us today for your assessment.



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